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Your partner for content development

To communicate, you need to have something to say. At Newords we believe that communication really comes down to content. All successful communication starts with the right storytelling strategy.

In the brave new digital world, content has become a top priority. To survive in the ever-changing Web 2.0 landscape, you need high-volume, high-quality content to remain visible and to set your brand apart.

Our agency has over 15 years of editorial expertise. We take charge of the editorial design for your print and web projects, relying on our trusted network of editorial specialists. We work in both French and English.

Writing for the web: our SEO expertise

Writing for the web requires a specific skill set. At Newords, we use our extensive SEO expertise to help our clients craft the website content that will let them take advantage of everything the web has to offer.

From forming an editorial board to developing customized content in French and English, our agency takes care of the entire content management process for your blogs. Newords also produces videos and animations that enhance your online tools and drive social media engagement.

Print: for all your corporate communication needs

At Newords, we have extensive experience in corporate communications. We put this know-how to work for our clients as we deliver printed communication materials that meet their every need. We also specialize in editorial design for annual reports.

Our agency coordinates the production process for recurring corporate documents such as newsletters, journals or corporate magazines. After creating the editorial board, Newords forms a dedicated team of copywriters and oversees the production of the French and English content, while ensuring the process stays on schedule.

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